Lay Z Spa Temperature FAQ

Lay Z Spa Temperature FAQ

We’ve been huge proponents of hot tubs in Ireland — well before it was cool! So we’ve had years to compare offerings, and having reviewed Lay-Z-Spa tubs over the last few years, providing them to our customers, listening to their feedback and questions and seeing how the tubs perform in Irish weather, here are a couple of answers to some frequent ‘hot topics’.

Is it Warm Enough for Ireland?

Absolutely. The Lay Z Spa tubs heat to a toasty max temperature of 40c. This is a lovely temperature in any weather, especially in those cooler winter months. Hot tubs in Ireland are exposed to a much milder temperature than, say, Canada or Finland. Your Lay Z Spa will heat up at a rate of about 1-2 degrees per hour. So if you’re setting this up for the first time or after a period of storage, it’s essential to allow a day or two for it to reach temperature. Once it’s temperature, it’s good to go. And when you’re not using it for a period of a few days, you can set it to energy conservation mode.

Lay Z Spa Temperature: Can I reduce energy costs?

Your hot tub will use electricity to keep the water warm, but how much it uses depends on where you place it, how well you insulate it. There are also factors to be aware of, such as the temperature outside. Your hot tub will need to use more power to maintain its minimum temperature in colder periods. Lay Z Spa tubs come with a protective pad for the bottom of your spa and pump (and also an inflatable lid to cover the top). These help to keep the heat in the water. But if you plan on leaving the spa outdoors without using it for more extended periods and you’re very energy conscious, you might choose to add additional insulation.

Insulating your hot tub can dramatically reduce the electricity used by your hot tub. It can help to place additional insulation beneath your hot tub and over the lid. Some hot tub users wrap foil insulation around the tub’s walls when it’s not in use. This can drastically improve its ability to retain heat. You can also make a floor and lid from foil insulation, or consider completely covering the hot tub when it’s not in use. We can’t control the weather. But anything that can be done to reduce the wind factor can also make a difference. So placing the tub in a more sheltered area can help reduce costs.

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