About the Lay-Z-Spa System

About the Lay-Z-Spa System

The Lay-Z-Spa system comes with the hot tub, the outdoor pump/heater and AirJet. The AirJet circulates and bubbles the water around the outer edge creating a lovely whirlpool effect. This means you can sit against the wall the bubbles keep coming. The integrated pump and heater takes in cold water, heats it and pump it in. The system also keeps your hot tub inflated. the pump/heater can be left outside without any issues. Included with the Lay-Z-Spa Miami is a lid to keep the dirt and debris out of your water.

Keeping your Hot Tub Clean

It’s always a good idea to watch a YouTube video or two on how to keep your spa clean all year round. If you need chlorine for your water there is a separate chlorine tablet dispenser. This prevents your water from going green with algae and bacteria. Chlorine tablets and PH treaters for your water help you ensure the water stays clean from dirt, algae and bacteria. There are also chemicals you can purchase to reduce foam build-up. To prevent little bits of heavier dirt from accumulating at the bottom of your spa, it can be a good idea to have a little bucket for your feet so you can just splash them with water before you step inside. This will mean you need to do less cleaning over the weeks. The filters inside the Lay-Z-Spa are removable so you can clean them when you need to.

The Lay-Z-Spa System: Mobility and Ease

The Lay-Z-Spa is inflatable and has a durable material but it’s still a good idea to cover the underneath with a protective layer. If you are placing the spa on decking it should be fine, but on regular ground or garden, it may be worthwhile placing some matting down. Because it’s inflatable you should not try to sit on the edge. But unlike a rigid hot tub, you can take the hot tub down when it’s not in use during the wetter months or you need to do some work around the garden. This makes the Lay-Z-Spa system a perfect hot tub for Irish weather, and ideal for those of us who do not want a permanent fixture in their garden.

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