Jacuzzi VS Hot Tubs: What's The Difference?

Jacuzzi VS Hot Tubs: What's The Difference?

When people talk about hot tubs, jet baths, whirlpools, a spa, or a jacuzzi — are they talking about the same thing or is there a difference? The term ‘Spa’ comes from ancient ideas of the curative power of mineral water. This dates back to before the Romans and continued right up through the middle ages. Historically, a ‘Spa’ (the word hasn’t changed in centuries) was a natural wellspring or hot spring. People historically built structures around these natural springs so that people could bathe in the curative waters. These days, however, a Spa can also mean a hot tub, or any heated pool, in any shape size or format, or even a resort.

What Exactly Is a Jacuzzi?

In the same way that we often refer to vacuum cleaners as ‘hoovers’ after the American ‘Hoover Company’, which sold the world’s first vacuum cleaners in the 1910s, we now name hot tubs (or Spas) ‘Jacuzzi’. Jacuzzi was originally an Italian aircraft manufacturer in the hot tub vs jacuzzi1920s, before becoming a manufacturer of whirlpools and heated baths. is one of the leading manufacturers of ‘whirlpools’ and hot tubs/spas. Established in the late 70’s, their first mainstream product was an at-home system of jets (pictured here) that you plugged into your bath so that you could get some at-home hydrotherapy.

Jacuzzi VS Hot Tub

In terms of the product, a hot tub and a jacuzzi are the same thing. Hot tubs are heated pools that use water jets to provide a rhythmic massage effect to help release and relax tense muscles (aka Hydrotherapy)

What About Whirlpools?

Interestingly, Jacuzzi owns the term “Whirlpool Bath”. They trademarked this for use as a product name. They use it specifically for their domestic or hotel bathtubs with fitted water jets used for hydrotherapy. These are the same jets used in their hot tubs.

So, when people ask us, “Do you sell Jacuzzis”, the answer is yes and no. While we don’t sell the branded ‘Jacuzzi’ products, we do sell Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs. Lay-Z-Spa uses similar technology; a heating and filtration system, plus hydrotherapy jets. The advantage of the Lay-Z-Spa design is that they are inflatable, and easy to set up and put away when not in use. This makes them easier to put out of the way when not in use.

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