Inflatable versus Portable Hot Tub

Inflatable versus Portable Hot Tub

There are now plenty of hot tubs on the market, and plenty of questions around inflatable versus portable tubs. While fixed structure tubs are not so popular in Ireland, we are seeing some hard-sided portable hot tubs. We hear a lot of questions about inflatable hot tubs. Especially the Lay-Z-Spas we reviewed and offer to our customers throughout Ireland. So let’s take a look at some of these questions.

Inflatable versus Portable: Heat

Portable hot tubs with rigid walls do a good job of keeping in the heat. A question we often get is whether inflatable tubs hold their temperature. The short answer is absolutely yes! We get a lot of questions about Lay Z Spa temperature. They absolutely do. And with an insulation mat beneath the tub and the included inflatable cover, you can keep heat in when the tub is not in use. Here in Ireland we rarely get sub-zero temperatures that could threaten the internal systems of your hot tub, but the Lay Z Spa tubs we stock all have a special system in place to prevent that from happening. If the temperature drops to a certain point, the hot tub will activate to keep the water warm, prevent freezing and maintain everything in good working order. The Lay Z Spa also heats up at about a rate of 1-2 degrees celsius per hour, depending on the size of the model. With a maximum temperature of 40c, you need to give it a day or so to heat up to temperature before you use it for the first time.


Portable hot tubs with rigid walls can last for years depending on how well you keep it. Is this the same with an inflatable? Again, the short answer is yes! An inflatable hot tub, like any product you own, will last depending on its build as well as how well it is treated when in use and in storage. Other factors of course will also influence its lifespan, such as weather conditions. Every Lay Z Spa comes with a standard warranty that ensures your covers, liners and inflatable lids for 6 months and the heater pump unit for up to 12 months. With the extended warranty, which can be registered for free within 28 days of purchase, you can increase the warranty for 12 months for covers, liners and inflatable lids, and up to 24 months for the heater pump unit which also handles water filtration. This doesn’t mean that your spa just goes kaputt after the warranty ends. Many online reviewers report that their inflatable spa has lasted 4-5 years without any issues. But as mentioned, like any product it all comes down to how well you maintain your tub.

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