Inflatable Jacuzzi: Which One Should You Get?

Inflatable Jacuzzi: Which One Should You Get?

An inflatable Jacuzzi, also known as a portable whirlpool hot tub, have exploded in popularity since COVID. Lay-Z-Spa is one of the brands that has stood out in recent years. For this reason, and based on customer feedback, we stock this exclusively. All Lay-z-Spas come with a centralised system for inflation, water cleaning, pumping, and heating.

What’s an Inflatable Jacuzzi?

An inflatable Jacuzzi is a portable, inflatable hot tub. The word ‘Jacuzzi’ comes from the famous brand of the same name. ‘Jacuzzi’ is synonymous with ‘hot tub’ in the same way that the brand ‘Hoover’ is synonymous with ‘Vacuum Cleaner’. Lay-Z-Spa, like Jacuzzi, produces top-quality hot tubs. The difference is, Lay-Z-Spa produces portable, inflatable hot tubs. Portable hot tubs (also known as whirlpool baths) are usually designed for outdoor use. Lay-Z-Spa built a range of inflatable hot tubs to accommodate different group sizes as well as offering different features. You can view most of the range of Lay-Z-Spa inflatable jacuzzis. Here are two popular options: the entry-level Cancun Airjet and the higher-range Hawaii Hydrojet Pro.

The Cancun Airjet

The Cancun Airjet is a great choice for those seeking an affordable yet enjoyable hot tub experience. At just €430, it features 120 invigorating airjets (for lots of bubbles) and comfortably accommodates two adults and two kids, or two adults alone. As with all Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs, it features a rapid heating system that gets you up to a toasty warm 40c over a period of 12-18 hours. Once at temperature you can use an insulation cover to keep the heat in. The system also has a freeze guard so that if temperatures get cool when not in use it can prevent the plumbing system from freezing.

Hawaii Hydrojet Pro

The Hawaii Hydrojet Pro is the way to go if you want a larger model with more features. The Hawaii is one of Lay-Z-Spa’s largest models. It can comfortably accommodate up to four adults and two kids, making it ideal for family use. With both airjets and hydrojets, you get both the soothing bubbles plus deep muscle massage from the powerful ‘Hydrojets’, which uses water thrusters to soothe tired and sore muscles.

If you’re looking for more information on our range of inflatable jacuzzis, you can give us a call on 021 4965 132