Hot Tubs Cork

Hot Tubs Cork

Who doesn’t love a hot tub in the summertime? When the sun is out, we don’t need many excuses to get out in our back garden, enjoy a drink and relax with family or friends — but to be fair, a hot tub makes a great excuse.

Our customers sometimes ask if our Irish weather is unsuitable for a hot tub. Yet the truth about hot tubs is that their best time to shine is when the sun is behind clouds. They can make any weather a pleasure. Anyone who has experienced a hot tub on the ski slopes will know what I mean. You can view our full range of hot tubs in Ireland here.

A hot tub in Cork?

It’s the cold weather, snowy weather — wet weather — that makes the perfect match for a hot tub. Our Nordic neighbours know better than we do that the best time to get in one is when we’d usually run indoors. Speaking of Nordic, the hot tub featured in the above image is the aptly named ‘Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki‘.

Just the thought of rain often stops us from enjoying our garden space. But with a hot tub, even the cold, wet periods can become a time for pleasure, to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Like coffee and cream, it’s all about the contrast. The hot tub’s deep heat warms you to your bones, and it takes the little dabs of rain pattering down on your face to remind you just how cosy you are. In Cork’s rainier seasons, I can spend days at a time cooped up indoors. Having a hot tub frees you from your confines and offers a new way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

Hot tubs for health

That’s not even discussing the health benefits, not just of getting out and enjoying the fresh air, but also the benefits for arthritis. We’ve spoken before about the health benefits of a hot tub. Arthritis and joint pain are at their worst in colder periods. A hot tub is an antidote to aches and pains.

Our Range of Hot Tubs

We currently deal exclusively with Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs. We choose them for their quality, reliability and easy setup. See more of our hot tubs.