Hot Tub Party Ideas

Hot Tub Party Ideas

Here are a few Hot Tub party ideas to daydream about while we wait for COVID to become a non-issue. At this stage, we’re all dreaming about how we can get together and have fun. Even in Ireland, Hot tubs can be a great way to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family in the outdoors — no matter what the weather. Until things are safe, can dream — and we can plan!

Keep Numbers in Mind

We’ve all heard a lot about keeping our social numbers low in recent months! But when restrictions ease off, and it’s safe to do, you’ll still want to keep numbers in mind when you’re having a hot tub party. There’s only so much room in the hot tub, and nobody wants to the left out in the cold. Especially if you’re planning the party in winter months. So make sure to under-estimate space and don’t leave anyone in the lurch. When you view our inflatable hot tubs, each mentions how many adults it can accommodate and includes photos to give you a sense of size.

Hot Tub Party Ideas: Entertainment!hot tub party ideas

Cocktails and Mocktails are a favourite in any hot tub party. If you can do so, have a fridge near the pool so that people can pour drinks and add ice without having to run out into the cold every few minutes! This is a game-changer in the colder weather parties. Snacks are also a good idea, and plenty of good music and an easy way for people to change it – bearing in mind that phones are not a good thing to keep near a hot tub. Not just if they fall in the water, but the steam can also cause water damage. To avoid this, it’s best to use a waterproof sound system. We recommend Lay-Z-Spa’s Entertainment Station; which allows you to control your music through a Bluetooth connection so you can keep your phone away from danger. If you plan to party into the evening, it helps to have some nice mood lighting. External LED systems or floating spa lights can keep things looking nice while making it easy to reach for your drink!

Keep Hydrated (not just Alcoholated)!

When you’re in a hot tub, you might be surrounded by water, but it’s going to be hot and bubbly, so your body is going to dehydrate. This is most important in summer. As for winter, as long as you’re in a group and everyone’s responsible while maintaining common sense and situational awareness, the major danger here is that you’re going to have a hangover if you get dehydrated — but that’s enough reason to keep some soft drinks and water nearby for people to have in between cocktail. Among our hot tub accessories are drinks holders who are worth checking out.

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