Hot Tub Party Essentials

Hot Tub Party Essentials

A hot tub party can be a fantastic way to gather friends and family during those rare Irish summer nights. With the right see up, your party can go from fun to unforgettable. As well as choosing a great playlist, having some drinks ready and potentially some games, the right hot tub accessories can increase the comfort in your tub and add to the experience. Here are some hot tub party essentials:

Hot Tub Party Essentials: Drinks!

Choosing the right drinks for a hot tub party is important. Remember that in a hot tub, you are going to dehydrate rapidly (despite all the water surrounding you). Especially if you’re drinking alcohol. Stick with refreshing and light options to keep guests hydrated and feeling good throughout the event.
You also don’t want people getting in and out of the tub too often. It can break the party up and also increase risk of accidents. Especially when there are drinks around the edges of the tub. Consider keeping pitchers of classic cocktails like Mojitos and Margaritas beside the tub for easy top-ups. Their zingy flavours can also make it easier to drink some water between cocktails. Don’t forget about the non-drinkers or those who fancy something less alcoholic; options like fruit-infused water or Virgin Pina Colada can be a hit. For beer drinkers, keep a bucket of ice-cold beers nearby. If there are a lot of beer drinkers, it might be more practical to keep the beers in a small paddling pool. Always ensure you have plenty of plain water on hand to keep everyone well-hydrated, particularly as hot tubs can lead to dehydration. Remember, the aim is to provide a variety of refreshing drinks that complement the relaxing and fun atmosphere of the party.

Watch the Edges!

As the night goes on, people can get a little careless, and there’s some risk of someone stepping on a glass! Not safe. Keep the surrounding area well lit (and you can also add these atmospheric underwater hot tub lights. Keep drinks at designated points around the tub, and make sure to remind people to watch their step getting in and out. It can help to use these hot tub drink holders which keep your drinks sitting on the wall of the tub rather than on the ground around it.

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