Hot Tub Comparison: Lay-Z-Spa's Entry Level Versus Top Model

Hot Tub Comparison: Lay-Z-Spa's Entry Level Versus Top Model

Let’s make a hot tub comparison: What’s the difference between Lay-Z-Spa’s entry-level hot tub versus their top of the range model? While Lay-Z-Spa’s most basic options are still great, they pull out all the stops on their higher-level products. These are full of features designed to help you and your whole family relax and enjoy the summer and winter in hot, bubbling water. Let’s take a look.

Lay-Z-Spa’s Entry-Level Model

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is the entry-level model perfect for many situations. This model is always in high demand. It uses 120 AirJets to create a lovely relaxing bubbling sensation to help you soothe and relax. This model is great for families and couples. It can comfortably fit two adults and up to four people in total. It heats the water to 40c and uses energy savings systems, so the water only heats up when you want it to. As with all new Lay-Z-Spa models, the new Miami features the FreezeShield technology that means you can keep your hot tub outdoors even when the forecast predicts ice or frost. The system will automatically detect if cold weather might threaten your spa’s pipes, valves and controls. If it detects cold weather, it will activate the thermal system, keeping warm water flowing and preventing ice from causing expansion damage.

Hot Tub Comparison: The Best Model in The Rangehot tub comparison

The Lay-Z-Spa Maldives is the top of the range offering. The Miami has 120 of those soothing AirJets to create a nice bubbling atmosphere; But the Maldives has 180 Airjets and 8 HydroJets, which thrust warm water deep into your muscles. This helps you to unwind and relax completely. The Maldives also has built-in seating and cushions to fully support you as you sink down into a deep, restful state of bliss. It even has foot massagers, and you can remove the inflatable cushions if you have more guests.

The Maldives also features AquaGlow, a water-activated mood lighting that sets the tone and the mood for your pleasure. Perhaps best of all, this top of the range model is designed to accommodate five to 7 adults comfortably. You can enjoy the moment with your family or guests. With this much space, nothing is stopping you from having a hot tub party any time you want.

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