Best Value Inflatable Tubs

Best Value Inflatable Tubs

What are the best value inflatable tubs? While it depends on your price range and how many people you intend on seating, Lay-Z-Spa has some great ‘middle of the road’ offerings that have a lot of the premium features but don’t have the premium price tag. We offer the full range of hot tubs (available for home delivery in Ireland) and we recommend you check them out. But if you just want to have a look at some highlights, keep reading.

Best Value Inflatable Tubs: What Are you Willing to Skimp On?

Arguably, one of the most pleasant reasons to have a hot tub is the water propulsion system or ‘jetstream’. These push water deep into your muscles, massaging and relaxing you. In the Lay-Z-Spa system, the Jetstream is only on the pricier models, so depending on what you want, you may opt for the models with the Jetstream, but for the purpose of this article let’s just focus on the inflatable tubs which only have Airjets (the calming bubbles of air that you’d expect to have in any hot tub) and can accommodate a larger group.

The St Moritz Airjet

The St Moritz inflatable tub is a spacious option that can accommodate up to seven people. This is one of the newer models coming out in 2021. One thing that has been massively improved on this version is the outer layer, which has a much more stylish aspect to it than some other alternatives. It also comes with an upgraded heaterp ump. This comes with an adjustable display where you can change the settings without leaving the tub. There are also now cup holders built-in which is a nice and well-needed touch! Since 2019, the Lay-Z-Spa system now also includes the ChemConnect dispenser, which automatically maintains the water with chemical treatments.

The Hawaii Airjet

The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii is also best value inflatable tubs that accommodates 4-6 people comfortably, has 140 airets, and a nice construction and outer layer that looks as good as it feels. The outer walls have been stress-tested, as with other Lay-Z-Spa models, and is built using a 3-ply polyester mesh and PVC so that the spa can retain its shape no matter how many times you have to put it away.

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