Best Hot Tub Accessories

Best Hot Tub Accessories

What are the best hot tub accessories for maximising your enjoyment? We look at a few of the best in our selection below. In addition to accessories, we have the full range of Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs available to order with free Irish delivery. So what are the most popular accessories?

Best Hot Tub Accessories: Extra SeatingBest Hot Tub Accessories

With some of the larger hot tubs able to accommodate up to seven people, there’s often plenty of room for everyone. But if you have a more massive gathering and people want to huddle around for some drinks and conversation, it can be helpful to have some appropriate seating. That is why Surround Seating is available for Lay-Z-Spas. These are also available as round surrounds to accommodate the different shapes for the Lay-Z-Spa model. These also give you somewhere to place your robe and towel while you take a dip. These are inflatable and use the same system as the spa itself, so you don’t have to work hard to inflate them.

Nice Extras

There are a few additional hot tub accessories which can add to the ambience and work seamlessly with Lay-Z-Spa systems. The first is the Lay-Z-Spa Entertainment Station. With this high-quality speaker system, you won’t be afraid of splashes. It’s water-resistant, connects to any Bluetooth device, and the battery is rechargeable, so there’s no need to connect anything to it while it’s in use. If it’s relaxation you want, a clip-on spa pillow is perfect for kicking back and relaxing. The fun of a hot tub is sinking into relaxation. So, do you like having to move from your comfy spot to reach over the side to fish for your drink? We don’t either. This nifty clip-on drinks holder will anchor two drinks for you while you’re sitting back. And the two cup holders can be split apart in to keep reaching and anything resembling effort to the minimum! If you’re planning on staying in the tub late into the evening, you might enjoy these floating spa lights. These reflect different colours into the floor and water below you, creating a calming and fun atmosphere while making sure everybody can find their drink!

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