Best Hot Tub: Which Hot Tub Is Best For You?

Best Hot Tub: Which Hot Tub Is Best For You?

The best hot tub is the one most suited to your needs. Everyone wants a model that is durable, long-lasting and most importantly, relaxing and fun. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we supply Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs because we think they’re the best for Irish conditions. In addition to being robust, they’re portable. You can put them away during times of the year when they’re not being used, so they don’t get worn away by the weather. You can also view the full range of what we think are the best hot tubs for Ireland.

3 Best Hot Tubs By Lay-Z-Spa

Sometimes, the best place to start is with the lowest-cost offering. We’ll then look at the Lay-Z-Spa’s best price-to-value offering, and then, of course, the more luxurious offering. This will help you get a sense of the range before you decide to look further.

The “Miami Airjet”: Best Hot Tub for Value

While the Miami Airjet is an entry-level model by Lay-Z-Spa standards and is the lowest cost model (currently selling at €479.00). It doesn’t skimp on features. Named after the city in the “Sunshine State”. The Miami is able to allow up to four people (two is most comfortable) to relax and enjoy. It heats the water to a nice 40 degrees Celcius and has the patented massage jet system that we all want in a hot tub.

As with the other Lay-Z-Spa offerings, it can be set up anywhere with a flat surface, indoors or outdoors, and once inflated and the piping has been connected up (which takes a few minutes), you just need let the water heat up and away you go. The Miami Airjet is the best hot tub for couples or those with smaller families, and if you’re not planning a big party this is ideal.

The “Monaco” Airjet Hot Tub: Best Hot Tub For Large Groups

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The Monaco is the best value hot tub for larger groups. It can comfortably seat six to eight people. Its walls have a more ‘rigid’ construction than the Miami, which allows for thinner walls and greater internal space in addition to larger dimensions (201cm x 69cm for the Monaco compared with the Miami’s 1.80m x 65 cm). The Monaco has only 90 air jets, four more than the Miami’s 86 but still much less concentrated in comparison.

The “Hawaii” Hot Tub: Best Hot Tub for Capacity and Features

The Hawaii is Lay-Z-Spa’s second hot tub from the top of its range. It for those who want everything but don’t mind skipping a few extra features. In addition to having a capacity of up to six people (versus seven with the larger version), it also has eight HydroJets and one hundred and twenty AirJets. Hydro jets are where hot tubs really start getting interesting. They’re the high-pressure water jets that massage your body as you relax.

We hope this gives you an idea of the range available. If you want to find out more we recommend you check out the hot tubs on sale, or contact us today on 021-4965132