All-Weather Hot Tubs

All-Weather Hot Tubs

All-Weather Hot Tubs are essential in our country. These are hot tubs designed to withstand colder temperatures during the winter months, as well as being able to tolerate wet and stormy weather. Portable jacuzzis are the best option for most people. These can be easily inflated, filled and heated when you want to use the tub, and easily stored away when you’re done. We stock Lay-Z-Spa tubs. Two of these models stand out in our full selection of hot tubs. The reason being that in addition to being incredibly easy to put away when you’re not using them, if you choose to use them in Ireland’s colder months, they have built-in safety features to protect your investment. As with all of our Tubs, these include free shipping to anywhere in Ireland. Let’s take a look!

All-Weather Hot Tubsall weather hot tubs

Lay-Z-Spa has a great range of products, and the Maldives Hydrojet Pro ranks as one of its best. Lay-Z-Spa has been working on their products over the last few years, making them more durable, easier to assemble, and more protected for colder weather. The Maldives Pro can fit from 5-7 people — depending on how cosy you want to get! It’s great for families as well as get-togethers among friends. And thanks to its Freeze Shield™ technology, you don’t have to worry about leaving this spa out overnight in Ireland’s colder months.

With any outdoor water system, freezing is a threat. Old Portable Spas could get damaged if the water within the piping or pumps froze, expanding and causing permanent damage. Many of Lay-Z-Spa’s newer models now come with the anti-freezing feature, which means that if you leave the spa out overnight, it’ll automatically respond to cold weather by keeping the pumps and electronics from getting too cold.

Freeze Shield

Freeze shield is also coming to Lay-Z-Spa’s entry-level model, the Miami Airjet. This means that no matter which option you choose from the new range, you’re covered no matter what the weather. And this is great because the best time of the year to get in a hot tub in the winter. The colder it is, the more you’re going to enjoy that hot bubbly water. Nothing beats the experience of enjoying a drink outdoors during a stormy winter night.

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