We're Growing - But We're Still Local!

We're Growing - But We're Still Local!

We’ve been growing our range of offerings over the years, and while we started out serving the local Cork community, DFG has been growing into a national brand serving the whole country. We have a selection of products that were once more suited to buying in your locality due to higher transportation costs, but thanks to our fast and low-cost delivery, we are are able to serve all of Ireland’s community as a forestry and garden store.

We do nationwide delivery

In the past, if you were looking for chainsaws near Cork, you would have to go local. Today, whether you’re ordering from Cork, Kerry, or Donegal, you can have machinery shipped to your door. This means greater options for you, particularly for the larger landscapers and forestry saws. While we have a great selection of tools and equipment, some items are arguably a bit too bulky for delivery to all corners of the country. We provide ride-on lawnmowers in Cork and we have found the Stihl models are consistently sold out. There is certainly a demand for higher quality machinery.

We’re growing, though some things will stay local

While we provide the bulk of our curated equipment, machinery and tools to almost all of Ireland, one thing we can’t really send to your door is a repair crew! So, unfortunately, for now, if you have a lawnmower or other tool that needs servicing or quick garden machinery repairs done by ourselves, you’ll have to come into the store. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t help on those rare occasions when our customers receive a faulty product! We’re always available on the phone. We know how much of a pain it is to receive a new product only to find it’s defective. What we focus on in DFG is providing the best customer care we can, and that goes from fast turnaround times when you order online to fast deliveries, returns and replacements on those rare occasions when you need it. We also go out of our way to curate the products we have on offer to reduce the chances of these things happening. We stock the best quality products from the best quality producers worldwide.

If you have any questions about our range of services, you can always give us a call on 021 4965 132