Viking iMow MI 422 P Review

Viking iMow MI 422 P Review

mi-422-presse (1) Viking iMow MI 422 PThe Viking iMow MI 422 P is a fantastic solution for anyone with a small to medium sized garden and it comes with some incredible equipment. It is ideally suited to lawns that of 650m², making it perfect for the gardens of most detached houses or those in urban areas. 650m² is not the limit however as the iMow MI 422 P can tackle lawns of up to 1,000m². This robotic lawn mower gets the job done quickly and can handle steep inclines (gradients up to 40%) and sharp turns while completing the task.

The speed at which the Viking iMow MI 422 P can get the job done is largely down to STIHL’s innovative battery technology which allows it to keep going at full steam for longer, while the short charge times in the docking station means that it can quickly get back to the task if it runs out of energy.

The iMow is designed to never completely run out of energy and be left lying lifeless on your lawn. When the battery is low or if it starts to rain, the iMow MI 422 P will return to the docking station and finish the task later. When returning to its fast charging docking changing it will select a different route every time in order to minimise any wear on the turf.

The Viking iMow MI 422 P doesn’t just cut your grass, it also improves the overall health of your lawn. This due to the fact the MI 422 P is a mulching mower, its sharp blades finely shred the grass as it is mowing the lawn and returns the cut grass to the soil which then acts as an organic fertiliser and returning a huge amount of nitrogen back into the soil which is necessary for healthy grass growth.

When mowing the grass, there can always be unforeseen obstacles that could prevent any robotic lawn mower from completing the task. Viking have foreseen these issues however and fitted the iMow 422 MI P with a movable hood with sensors. This means that if the iMow runs into an obstacle the force of the impact is deflected along the hood and the iMow immediately changes directions. If the hood is lifted the blades will stop completely.

Every iMow has to undergo stringent safety tests so you can enjoy all the extra time you have to enjoy your garden with peace of mind. Similarly, each iMow will only operate with its individually programmed docking station and you can add a pin to the device which enhances security by essentially making theft pointless.

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Technical specifications

Ideal lawn area m² 650
Maximum lawn area m² 1000
Average mowing duration (per week) 1) 17 h
Battery type Li-Ionen 18.5 V
Battery power Wh 80
Battery capacity Ah 4.5
Power W 60
Cutting height adjustment 15 steps. central
Cutting width cm 20
Average mowing time min 2) 60
Average charging time min 90
Maximum gradient % 40
Weight kg 3) 10