Two Value Leaf Blowers For Your Garden

Two Value Leaf Blowers For Your Garden

If you’re looking for value leaf blowers, there is currently a sale on two models in our arsenal. It’s already autumn, and as the rain falls, the leaves start to stick to the pathways and pavement. When that happens, tidying up is important as it’s not just about making everything look good. It’s also a potential slipping hazard. As a result, we provide one of the largest ranges of leaf blowers in Ireland. And as you’ll see from our range, we stick with Stihl. You cannot beat German engineering, and Stihl produce reliable machines.

Value Leaf Blowers: The Stihl BG 86

When you’ve got a reasonably large yard, the BG 86 can do a great job. It’s light in the hands, especially when you’re only doing an hour or two of work at a time. It has all the great Stihl features that we know and love. The handy ErgoStart motor reduces the effort you’d normally spend on pulling a chord. It can be started up with just two fingers and a light touch. And handy indeed is the anti-vibration system. When you’re handling a power tool for any length of time, you can succumb to numbness and tingling in your hands and arms. If constantly used over a long period of time, these vibrations are known to affect the blood vessels. It isn’t pleasant, and it gets in the way of the work. The anti-vibration system in the Stihl models really helps to reduce the intensity of those vibrations. It means you’ve got a much more pleasant machine — that’s safer to use.

The Stihl SH 86 C-E

The SH 86 C-E is a shredder vac and a leaf blower combined. One of the hassles with a leaf blower is that it can be difficult to herd all those pesky leaves into a heap. Especially when you have a breeze getting itself involved in the mix, a vacuum shredder can do a fantastic job of really tidying an area. The 86 C-E comes with a leaf collector bag. It runs well, is very fuel-efficient and also has an easy-start function. So it’s a breeze to use.

If you have any questions about our leaf blowers, you can always reach us on 021 4965132