The GTM Elephant Trunk Harness

The GTM Elephant Trunk Harness

The GTM Elephant Trunk Harness is indispensable for anyone handling hedge trimmers or other trimming tools. This innovative harness is ideal for both professional gardeners and DIY enthusiasts. Or anyone who wants to reduce the physical strain of using heavy equipment. The GTM Elephant Trunk Harness in an innovative device that is a must for anyone doing extended work above shoulder height.

GTM Elephant Trunk Harness Explained

The Elephant Trunk Harness offers exceptional comfort and functionality. Even in jobs where you expect to come home at the end of the day with shoulder and back issues. The trunk’s waist strap spreads the weight evenly cross your body. This prevents undue strain on your arms and shoulders. Equipped with shoulder straps, it’s worn like a backpack, with a pole arching over your head. This pole houses a steel cable that moves along ball bearings within an adjustable tube. You suspend your Stihl Hedgetrimmers or similar power tools from this pole. This allows you to reach above shoulder height for extended periods comfortably.

Working with Ease

Frozen shoulders, chronic lower back pain, stiff necks and upper backs are all common pitfalls in this line of work. The brilliance of the GTM Elephant Trunk Harness is in how it carries the weight of the tool, distributing the strain to your larger muscles and skeleton, making your job smoother and more efficient. With adjustable height, your hands can guide the equipment, alleviating the tension in your neck and shoulders. Many who’ve used the harness for a while often remark, “I wish I had this years ago!”.

The Elephant Trunk 2.0

The newer version of the GTM Elephant Trunk (which we sell) has seen some crucial improvements, including an enhanced high-quality balancer fitted on your lower back. This feature minimises wear on the steel cable and spring, ensuring the GTM Elephant Trunk 2 is a hedgetrimming accessory that will serve you for hundreds of hours without fail. With the GTM Elephant Trunk Harness, you’re not just investing in a piece of equipment; you’re investing in comfort, safety, and efficiency. Try it today!

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