Portable Barbecues: 2 Portable BBQs for Summer

Portable Barbecues: 2 Portable BBQs for Summer

Portable barbecues are perfect for those of us living in homes without much yard space or storage. Especially when you only get to use the barbecue for a few months out of the year. We have a range of barbecues to suit different situations and settings.

Portable Barbecues: Let’s Start With The Smallest

The Kuhn Rikon Tabletop Gas BBQ works best if you have a heat-resistant table to place it on (keeping in mind that it’ll be hot, so you don’t want it to be too near people sitting down). It has an attractive design and is perfect for small spaces such has on an apartment balcony. The BBQ comes in the following dimensions: 97cm in length, 39 cm in height, and 44cm in width.

In addition to being relatively compact, the cooking surface is decently sized, measuring 47cm by 35cm. Built into the lid is a steel thermometer. It has an integrated electric lighter and uses regular gas to power it. It has an attractive design with two beechwood trays on either side of the cooker. These are removable if you have limited space, but they’re handy for holding utensils and plates. The Kuhn Rikon also comes with a three-piece set of BBQ utensils worth €19.99.

Barbecues For campingportable barbecues

The Party Grill 400 is one of the most portable barbecues around. It functions as a stovetop, a griddle and the lid can be flipped around and used as a wok. It’s geared for campers and produced by Campingaz, who have been producing camp cooking products for over 80 years. This grill also includes a built-in electric ignition to keep things simple and straightforward. The Party Grill 400 can be placed outdoors on the ground. It also has a removable tripod system so you can keep the heat away from the ground and bring the grill closer to you. The party grill uses Campingaz cylinders, which they have designed for portability.

Portable barbecues come in all shapes and sizes. While the Kuhn Rikon is perfect for at-home portability, the Campingaz Party Grill is exceptionally easy to carry around. The handles over the cover are very secure and can be used to hold the device with one handle. They also come with a carry bag so you can put it away when you’re not using it. Order online, or to find out more, call us today on 021 4965132