Planning your Garden

Planning your garden doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes some time to mull over some ideas and imagine yourself in your new surroundings. It can help to draw a basic plan of your yard that integrates features and elements of the existing space. For example hills, trees, privacy issues (that may need privacy hedging), or areas that get a lot of sunlight or shade. This gives you a rough idea of what you’re working it, what you will need to consider, and helps ‘slot in’ any ideas you may have floating around in your head. So unless you’re considering hiring professional landscapers, the choices may be more limited.

What Are We After?

If you’ve ever had an overgrown garden that needed to be repeatedly tamed with a brushcutter just to keep the weeds at bay, you may have realised at some point that you wanted more from your outdoor space. We are driven to create our garden space based on our desired outcomes. And some of our objectives may require more space than others. So think about your priorities area. What do you most want and need? When designing, it can be helpful to start with the biggest wishes and organise them by how much space they require. Such as decking and patios. Keep in mind your budget — as well as the time it takes to properly build structures.

A social Area

Perhaps you need a decking area for dinner parties and friends. Or a small outdoor patio to enjoy your morning coffee on a clear day. If you’ve done your homework, you know which areas of the garden get the most sunlight and at what times. So you have an idea of where to be in the morning (if that’s your routine), and where to place decking if you plan on hosting guests into the evening.

Planning your garden: a place for kids and pets to play

An open grass area for kids to play (or to let your pets go for a run) is important. Whether it’s just a straight run that’s needed for your dog to get out and roll around or a flat space that’s suitable for your kid’s trampoline or other toys, it’s important to consider your needs before building.

Plants Make the Landscape

One of the easiest ways to create a new appearance is through pants. You can use hedging and beds with straight lines to point your gaze at areas of interest such as a pond. You can use curved bedding to give a more organic look. To find out more about our range, you can reach us today on 021-496 51 32