A Multitool For The Garden

A Multitool For The Garden

Stihl’s Kombisystems are a great multitool for the garden. We’ve been selling machines for over thirty-five years, and when we find a product we like, we’re delighted to sing its praises! The Kombisystem is a German-made product. Stihl manufactures this top-quality Kombi system in Europe. It has a range of four engines with fourteen different attachments.

Why would you want something like a Kombi?

You might have multiple power tools for different jobs around your driveway, hedges, trees, garden, or paddocks. Usually, each device has its own engine. Why not just pay for one engine and add and swap in the right tool attachment whenever you need it? The Kombi does it all. And the strimmer is one of the most popular fittings. You can also add a blade attachment for strimming taller, thicker grass, brambles, etc.

The pole hedge trimmer attachment is adjustable so that you can get those hard to reach places. And adjust it so that you can cleanly cut the top of the hedging very neatly. This is typically the hardest bit to get, but you can get a lovely flat finish safely without getting up on a ladder. An extension is also available to add an additional metre to your hedge trimmer for a total of approximately fourteen feet. There aren’t many hedges that exceed that height!

Truly a multitool for the garden

You can also add a chainsaw attachment for those overhanging branches. So rather than getting in a tree surgeon, you can add the chainsaw to that pole extension and get those hard-to-reach spots safely.

The rotovator can help break up compacted flower beds. It’ll break up the soil and the air back before you plant some bulbs. This can save you a lot of heartache if you’re used to turning the soil manually with a spade. There is also a kombi blower attachment available which does what it says on the tin. It’s a great attachment that once again removes the necessity of an additional engine. It just slots on and off you go.

In addition to different attachments, there are multiple Kombi engines available. Each engine offers additional power, which you can use with the same interchangeable tools. This is a fantastic system. If you do a lot of work around the yard with lots of power tools, consider getting yourself a multitool for the garden.

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