Make Light Work of Hedging

Make Light Work of Hedging

When you have a small-sized garden, you don’t really need the biggest or most powerful machinery. But if you’ve got any length of hedging at all, around your property, using manual hedge clippers can be a bit of a strain. But then, getting a large hedge trimmer comes with so many downsides. It’s heavy to handle. It’s loud. It needs petrol. And it’s hard to justify keeping it when you don’t really have so much space in your shed. This is where the Stihl HSA 56 saves the day.

Make Light Work of Hedging with the Stihl HSA 56

Perfect for smaller sized gardens with plenty of hedging to contend with, the HSA 56 does a great job of tidying and manicuring your hedging. With a small-sized 45cm blade, it’s easy to manage both in your shed and in your hands. It’s also incredibly light compared with a petrol-powered trimmer at only 2.9kgs. There’s no messing around with petrol. The HSA 56 uses the standard Stihl battery pack, which fits with most of their other equipment. This is very handy, especially if you want to couple this up with one or two other battery-powered garden equipment.

It comes with a charger. And for this hedge trimmer, the standard AK10 battery will get you about 50 minutes of work time; the AK20 will manage about 100 minutes. As with all of the battery packs in the Stihl range, it has a built-in battery level metre so you have a good way to estimate if you can get the whole garden done in one fell swoop or if you need to charge the battery for a bit first. The sound levels are significantly lower than using an internal combustion engine to drive those blades.

Going Pro

The HSA 56 is a great little tool for around the smaller gardens, but if you need something a bit more heavy-duty. However, if you still like the accessibility, the lightness and ease of an electric system can really make light work of hedging. So you might want to consider the Stihl Pro Battery Machinery range. There you’ll find the much more powerful HSA 66, which runs on the pro battery packs which can keep you on the job all day long if you need to, especially when used in conjunction with the Stihl battery backpack.

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