GTM Elephant Trunk Harness 2

GTM Elephant Trunk Harness 2

The GTM Elephant Trunk Harness 2 is an ingenious contraption that’ll save you from wear and tear and back pain and make your garden work a lot easier. One of the worst parts of working with power tools is the strain it can put on your arms and, shoulders and back. Some power tools, such as backpack blowers, help to redistribute the load on your skeleton and larger muscle groups, but there are some jobs and tools where this kind of configuration is just not possible. This is where the GTM Elephant Trunk Harness 2 comes in.

The GTM Elephant Trunk Harness

There’s nothing more awkward than having your arms held up over your shoulders with a heavy weight. It doesn’t take long before you get that burning pain in your neck, shoulders and arms. And the next day can be a struggle. The GTM Elephant Trunk harness 2 gives you a suspension pole above your head, upon which you can hang your power tools, distributing the weight onto your hips and core muscles and off your arms and shoulders. The Trunk harness is compatible with most of your power tools. If you have to hold it over your head, you’ll probably appreciate the harness. This goes especially for tools such as hedge trimmers and long-reach pole saws.

Getting Comfortable

The harness has adjustable strapping, making it suitable for all sizes and heights. Once attached to your power tool or pole saw, the adjustable tension cable will reduce its “felt weight”. You’ll feel no more than about 1.5kg, or about 20 to 30 Newtons of force. The tension cable winds in and out so that you can operate at all heights comfortably with support. The pole itself also rotates from a pivot behind your back up to 15 degrees each way, giving you great freedom of movement from left to right while operating the machine. It comes with a carry bag and it separates into two different pieces so when you’re done with it, it’s easy to put away and store without taking up much space.

If you’re unsure whether the harness can work for your power tool or you have any questions about our other products, you can ring us on 021 4965 132