Contouring your Hedging

Contouring your Hedging

Contouring your Hedging can be very difficult when you’re using the wrong tools. A heavy petrol-powered machine means you can’t get precision. For that kind of work, it’ll feel cumbersome and awkward. You’re going to be using a lot of muscular effort to keep the machine under control while you hold it up against gravity. A lighter electric plug-in machine might help but it’s also not ideal. The cables might get in the way.

Contouring your Hedging: Going Electric

The solution is going cordless electrical. The handheld Stihl HSA 26 shears is light, manoeuvrable and perfect for getting the contours and shapes on your hedging. The nice Stihl HSA 26 shears can do a great job. It’s a handheld device with a lithium-ion battery. When it comes to precision, where you need to shape the hedges it takes a good bit of time.

Since it’s Stihl it’s high quality and will last you a long time. Most of our product range is Stihl. We’ve found them to be by far, one of the most reliable manufacturers on the market. With a massive range of products for all types of issues around the garden and around the yard. And for years now, we’ve seen that the Stihl products that go out, rarely come back in with an issue. And when they do, there’s always a solution for them.

Different Options for Different Situations

It has a few different clipping types. Including a tall grass trimmer. You just press the hinges on the side and off comes the clipper. Then you can add on the 17cm hedge trimmer add-on which will cut up to 8mm thick branches. There is very low vibration on it so if you have issues with your hands such as arthritis this is the ideal tool. It’s very impressive in the job it does. It gives you 110 minutes in a full charge for contouring and shaping. A full charge takes about three hours in total. If you’re interested in hedging and shaping it’s a great tool to use.

If you are considering a trimmer for contouring your hedging and you’re not sure which product suits you best, you can always give us a call and we’d be happy to go over your options with you. Just give us a call on 021 4965 132