Black Friday's Best Deals: What's On Offer?

Black Friday's Best Deals: What's On Offer?

Looking for Black Friday deals? We have some great products on sale this week. It’s the perfect time to pick something up, especially if it was already on your Christmas shopping list. Here a few of our select offers with the best discounts. You can also view our full Black Friday Offers if you have something else in mind.

Black Friday’s Best Deals: Outdoor FunBlack Friday's Best Deals

Lockdown is still in play, and it looks like we might be seeing restrictions for another while to come. So if anything can get us outdoors, that’s a good thing. For kids and adults, there can be endless fun found in a basketball ring. The EXIT Galaxy Wall-mounted basketball backboard and ring are a great option if you have an outer wall to attach it to. This item has a nice discount at the moment, reduced from €265 to €239 and that includes free delivery to anywhere in Ireland. The backboard is height-adjustable from 230cm up to 305cm. So you only need to fix it to the wall once and can adjust it no matter who wants to play. And as your kids grow, so does the EXIT Basketball net.

For little tikes, Xootz offers a fun electric Kids BMW 4 Series Coupe. This is an officially licensed product which means it has lots of fun design features and bells and whistles you’d expect. Including an auxiliary port so your kids can plug in your phone or device and play music while they drive. The dashboard has gears, an acceleration pedal, the BMW branded logo on the steering wheel and a nice cool moulded finish that looks like the real thing.

Another great option is the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Ride on. This is a great toy for kids, just like the BMW it has the port for playing music. It also has working headlights and can move at up to 2.5 kmp/h. So you better watch out! You can also view the rest of our Black Friday Toy Deals.

Honourable Mention

If you need some new equipment, now is the time to grab it. A highlight of our Black Friday Arborist sale is the Courant Hulk innovative lowering device. This device reduces fraying on your ropes, with adjustable sheaves to smoother and controls your descent. This was on offer for €274.99 and we’re currently providing it for €259.99.

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