BBQ Ireland Delivery

BBQ Ireland Delivery

We provide a BBQ Ireland delivery service direct to your home — so you can enjoy the barbie without the queue! We have taken into account the different setups people have at home and selected a range that suits everyone, from shared flats with a balcony to those of us who have a nice outdoor space to enjoy. We provide one of the best ranges of BBQs in Ireland, including Kuhn, Party Grill and Campingaz. Here are a few highlights from our selection:

The Kuhn Rikon Tabletop Gas BBQbbq with delivery in Ireland

The Kuhn Rikon is an excellent compact barbeque which provides portability and easy storage with a beautiful and intelligent design. While most portable options focus more on substance over style, the Kuhn Rikon manages both very well. This is the perfect option for smaller homes with a more confined outdoor area or apartment dwellers who may have a smaller outdoor space, such as a balcony. The Rikon has beautiful (removable) beech wood side trays, which help with your cooking endeavours but are also removable, which is especially handy for more restricted spaces. The Rikon sits on your table or any well-support surface, has an integrated thermometer, and works with your regular butane or propane camping gas cartridge. It also comes with a full set of high-quality utensils which cost €19.99 to buy separately.

The Campingaz Master 3 Series LS BBQ Ireland Delivery Included

On the higher end, for those who have more space, is the Master 3 Series LS. This is the perfect option for those of us who love eating but could do without so much maintenance. This model helps prevent the usual problem with BBQs, which is that they don’t cook all the food evenly. Nobody wants to give their friends and family food poisoning, and the Campingaz range achieves even heat distribution to help prevent this risk so the master chef can relax and enjoy the party. The other major hassle that can accompany a barbeque is the clean-up, and Campingaz addressed this with their “InstaClean” system, which means all the cooking surfaces are easily removed and thrown in the dishwasher so we can let the robots do the dirty work.

Be sure to view our full range of home-delivered barbeques in Ireland. If you have any questions about our delivery service or our online options, please don’t hesitate to call us on 021 4965 132