Barbecues Ireland: The Best Options For Any Situation

Barbecues Ireland: The Best Options For Any Situation

We have some of the best barbecues Ireland has to offer — with free delivery to your door! View our full range of BBQs Ireland. Whether you’re camping, need something compact, or you’re seeking the highest-quality option that can bang out burgers for family and friends, we have something for every situation. We selected our range based on the best manufacturers, including Campingaz, who have been innovating in the space since 1949.

Fully-Featured Barbecues Ireland, Delivery Includedbarbecues ireland

We have a select range of full-featured BBQs. The Campingaz 4 Series has several high-end options which are perfect for your garden space. The Classic LS, like the rest in the series, is built to solve two of the biggest niggles with barbecues — the mess, and the risk of food poisoning! While most barbecues have an uneven cooking temperature across the surface of the grill, the Campingaz designed their range to cook with an even temperature throughout. This means that you don’t have to worry about one stray sausage ruining your friend or family member’s weekend. A significant pain that often accompanies barbecues is the tricky nature of clean-up. Dried and burnt food clings to cooking surfaces, and these surfaces are often not fully removable. Campingaz has fully-removable surfaces so you can take them out, give them a quick run over with some steel wool, and then throw them into the dishwasher with everything else without the messy and time-consuming scrubbing that nobody wants after a great day of relaxation in the sun.

Options For Camping and Smaller Spaces

If you have a smaller space or would like to be able to take your BBQ away with you on a trip, we have the Party Grill range. The beauty of the Party Grill 400 is that it can do more than burgers and sausages (if you are so inclined!). Campingaz built this to accommodate all sorts of cooking for all different tastes, from BBQs to making a cup of tea. Even the lid can function as a Wok. So if you ever crave a stir fry, you’ll have the option! As with all of our options, there’s a built-in ignition, and you can replace the gas cylinder during cooking. So if you ever had that experience of your gas running out during cooking, unlike some options out there, you can easily switch the cylinder without ruining the food.

View our full range of barbeques with free delivery in Ireland. If you have any questions about our range or our delivery service, you can call us today on 021 4965 132