Which Size Tractor Mower Deck?

Which Size Tractor Mower Deck?

Depending on your requirements, a different mower deck size can make a huge difference in your efficiency. A larger deck can cut a wider area of grass in each pass. The more done in one pass, the less time spent mowing, which means you save on time and petrol (or battery power for electric ride on mowers). But there’s more to it than that.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A larger deck isn’t always ideal. If you have an area with lots of trees or features, as opposed to an open field, you might find the added width slows you down rather than increases efficiency. A smaller deck may be better for tighter areas or gardens with various obstacles. Think about your own requirements, bigger isn’t always better!

Ego’s Z6 42″ Tractor Mower Deck

The EGO z6 42″ boasts a 42-inch deck, making it perfect for medium to large-sized gardens. With the Z6 42″, you can swiftly cover more ground. The Z6 42″ can cut up to 12,000 square metres with all six batteries. That’s depending on your speed, the gradient, and other factors. It has two cutting blades to ensure clean cuts, and has 10 height adjustments which give you flexibility. And if you’ve got other EGO tools, fully battery compatibility comes as an added advantage.

The Ego ZT 5201E-L 52″

The Ego Z6 52″ is ideal for the largest, most expansive fields like pitches, open yards and golf courses. It has three cutting blades, which help create an even greater vacuum, lifting the grass to ensure the most comprehensive cut in one pass. Three blades also mean they stay sharp longer. This can be an important factor for those dealing with the largest landscapes. This is a machine built for hard work. And with that, it features a fabricated deck. Built for durability and longevity. The 52″ can manage up to 8 mph forwards for maximum speed, though this will use more battery power.

Which Size Tractor Mower Deck Is Best?

Your garden’s size and layout will dictate your choice. The ZT5201E-L 52″ is your friend for vast open spaces. It will slash your mowing time considerably. But, if your garden is a blend of open spaces and tight corners, the Z6 42″ might be more your style. It offers agility alongside efficiency. Smaller deck sizes are also available through the Stihl range of petrol tractor mowers.

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