Which Leaf Blower Should I Get?

Which Leaf Blower Should I Get?

Which Leaf Blower Should I Get?? This depends on your needs, the size of your yard and how frequently you expect to use the equipment. The Stihl range of leaf blowers comes in many sizes and configurations, to accommodate those of us who just need to do a few minutes of tidying around the porch and patio, to those of us who work as full-time landscapers. We offer free delivery for all of our leaf blowers in Ireland.

Which Leaf Blower Should I Get: Cordless or Petrol Powered?

Stihl’s cordless range is exceptional quality, with excellent lithium-ion technology allowing for high powered work for comparatively long periods compared with other electric garden tools. The Stihl Cordless Leaf Blower lasts about 10 minutes per charge on its included battery. This makes it perfect for use around the home for a daily tidy. For professional use, we are a few years away from battery operated machinery reliably replacing two-stroke engines; There simply isn’t enough energy density in batteries to keep running all day.
If you prefer the quieter running and lighter handling of the cordless option but still need more time than 10 minutes, you could consider purchasing additional batteries. As a comparison in terms of noise, the BGA 45 cordless blower produces about 60 dB of noise, versus 105 dB from the BG 56, Stihl’s entry-level two-stroke engine leaf blower. Similarly, with regards to weight. The BGA 45 weighs only 2kg, versus the BG 56′ 4.1 kg. This lighter, quieter machine has roughly half the blowing power at 38 m/s versus 64 m/s for the BG 56.

Do I need a Backpack Blower or a Handheld?Which Leaf Blower Should I Get

For those who need a blower for extended periods, the next question on your mind after power is comfort. Handheld blowers like the BG 86 are powerful, durable and great around the yard. The centre of gravity is good, but if you’re holding this for hours, you’re going to feel it. Backpack blowers transfer the weight of the engine from your arms to your back. The nozzle hangs from the backpack using a ribbed rubber tube; All you have to do is take the grip with your free hand and work away. These arrangements are far more comfortable and also allow for larger engines such as the 10kg engine of the Stihl BR 350, which blows at 74 m/s and can be carried comfortably all day long.

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