Which GPS-Assisted Robot Mowers are Best?

Which GPS-Assisted Robot Mowers are Best?

A massive influx of innovative robot mowers has hit the market in the last year or two. There are a lot of offerings out there, but in the midst of it all we’re interested in two tried and trusted brands – Stihl and Segway. Both have firmly planted their roots as the top contenders for a number of reasons. And both Segway and Stihl produce solid-quality products. Furthermore, both produce new GPS-assisted robot mowers. Which one outshines the rest?

GPS-Assisted Robot Mowers

It’s tempting to go straight for the coolest tech, but you simply might not need the fanciest, most expensive model on the market. What’s the size of your garden? If you’ve got a small to medium-sized garden, Stihl’s RMI 422 PC or the Segway Navimow H500E may do the job perfectly for you, with coverage for up to 1,700 and 500 square metres respectively.

Why GPS?

GPS assistance isn’t a gimmick; it drastically improves a mower’s efficiency. Unguided robomowers typically trundle around your garden in random patterns. They keep going until they hit an obstacle or the magnetic barrier you place on the ground. This creates weird-looking cutting patterns which aren’t the prettiest (if you care about that sort of thing), and because it’s random isn’t efficient in its use of power. GPS-assisted mowers, like the iMOW and NaviMow, work smart. They optimise their path for thorough coverage without revisiting the same patches.

Traditional robot mowers rely on perimeter wires. These can be a pain to set up and maintain. Because unguided robots tend to run up along these perimetres, they tend to create permanent wheel grooves around your yard. On the other hand, the Segway NaviMow and iMow PC sidestep the need for wires, offering precision boundary settings with minimal fuss. The advantage of the NaviMow is that it is precise to a degree of 2 centimetres, offering exceptionally clear boundaries which can reduce cut-outs and failures.

Which Robomowers are Best?

While both brands present strong cases, your decision ultimately hinges on your garden’s size and your aesthetic preferences. If all you want is a hands-off approach, letting the mower work do the work, then the Stihl iMow might be your best bet. But if you’re also seeking those immaculate, straight lines and boundary precision, the Segway NaviMow could be the one you need.

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