What Garden Tools Do I Need?

What Garden Tools Do I Need?

When you’re starting out or finally deciding to make gardening a hobby, you may ask yourself, “What garden tools do I need?” Of course, the tools you’ll need and use will depend on what type of garden you have. Is it a lawn for the kids with a few areas for flowers? Or do you plan to lay down some raised beds for veggies? Are you building a greenhouse?

What Garden Tools do I need for a Raised Bed?

If you’re starting out and want to keep costs down, you can get away with just a hand trowel, a fork for laying and weeding, and a set of good pruners. The fork is a lifesaver for removing dead plants and weeds. This can be an easy maintenance task if you keep the soil in your bed somewhat loose and aerated (mainly by not standing in the bed). A wheelbarrow and shovel are also good extras. It’s worth considering, even if it’s just to carry bags of compost from your car to your garden, if this is a big job (depends on your home’s layout) and your fitness levels.

Gear Up!

Good PPE gear is essential. It pays to have a good pair of shoes and gloves, even for simple tasks. In a small garden, it just takes one scantily sized briar hiding under the soil to spoil your week with an impossible-to-remove and very painful thorn.

The next essential is a good watering hose or watering can. It can take a substantial amount of water to soak your soil in the spring and summer months. You’ll need to do this at least once daily if we are lucky enough to get a sunny period!

Once things are growing, weed maintenance becomes essential and doing this without slipping a disc is recommended. Taking our aggression out on weeds is one of the beauties of gardening, but let’s not get carried away. A long-handled tool will provide the leverage for your rampage, so you don’t hurt your back. A good hoe for uprooting the weeds (or better yet, the aptly named root assassin), a solid set of pruners and a flat rake for tidying the detritus of your killing spree will get you well on your way!


Most gardens are going to have a lawn, and it pays to consider a choice of weapon that suits your needs. Do you enjoy cutting grass? You might prefer a push lawnmower. If your yard is very large, you might need to consider a ride-on lawnmower, And if you hate cutting the grass but love a tidy lawn, then a robot mower might be the right choice for you.

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