What Are The Best Chainsaw Trousers For Ireland?

What Are The Best Chainsaw Trousers For Ireland?

What are the best chainsaw trousers for Ireland? Our unpredictable weather can make comfort difficult, especially when you still need maximum protection. We offer a wide range of chainsaw trousers with free and fast delivery for orders over €60. We provide the best quality chainsaw trousers Ireland has to offer. Let’s dive into the options that are best suited for humid work conditions.

Chainsaw Trousers in Ireland

Weather in Ireland can be a mixed bag. Ideally, you want trousers that are both breathable and protected. While a DIY enthusiast can get away with wearing protective gear for a few hours here and there, it’s not such a good idea for professionals working day in and day out. Comfort is massive when you’re working at length in a physically demanding job. And safety is always paramount. Let’s look at some options.

Type A (Front Protection Only)

For those doing only light chainsaw work or only needing to use a chainsaw occasionally and on the ground, Type A trousers offer heavy front protection while remaining relatively light at the back. This means less build-up of heat and moisture from within and a bit more breathability at the expense of all-round protection. The SIP Basepro Class 1 Type A, priced at €75, is a solid entry-level option. It’s ideal for lighter tasks and offers basic protection against chainsaw cuts to the front of your legs. If you’re after something a bit more robust, the Arbortec Breatheflex Pro Type A trousers are a good choice. They offer good abrasion resistance and are breathable, making them suitable for the variable Irish weather.

Type C (All-round Protection)

For professionals or those who use a chainsaw regularly, Type C trousers provide all-around leg protection. They’re a solid investment for those who are on the job full-time. Especially if you’re working at height which adds another layer of risk when using a chainsaw and introduces a higher possibility of bladed contact at the rear of the leg. The SIP Innovation Canopy W-Air Type C trousers are lightweight and protect against chainsaw speeds of up to 20 metres per second.

Best Chainsaw Trousers For Ireland: Breathability

For those warm yet wet days, the Pfanner Ventilation Chainsaw Trousers Type C are 25% lighter and offer excellent ventilation. These are great if you’re prone to sweating on those wet humid days.The Arbortec Breatheflex Pro Type C Class 1 trousers are another premium option with breathability and also featuring strong tool-carrying loops and a six-way stretch design to minimise wear and tear.

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