The Versatile Stihl Combi Set

The Versatile Stihl Combi Set

The Stihl Combi Set, more correctly known as the Stihl Kombi System, offers versatility and efficiency for everyone, from professional landscapers to domestic users. Everyone has different requirements, and nobody wants to pay too much for something they won’t use. Stihl solves this by offering a range of powerful engines for different use cases. All engines function with the same interchangeable attachments. The result is a system suitable for everything from hedge trimming to leaf blowing.

Why Choose the Stihl Combi Set?

For most people, a dedicated machine is not necessary. If you’re a one-man outfit, multiple engines powering different tools could waste precious space. The engine is the most expensive part of any power tool. Having one engine with a wide range of attachments can reduce costs. The downsides are few since you can change attachments easily and quickly.

The Versatile Stihl Combi Set’s Engines

The Combi uses a single engine to power multiple attachments, streamlining your toolkit and saving valuable storage space. You can choose from several engine options, including battery-powered kombis and petrol-powered models. The model you choose will depend on your needs. For example, the electric Stihl KMA 135 R is suitable for small yards where you don’t need power and won’t be operating for hours on end. The Stihl KM 94 RC-E caters to small and medium-sized spaces. Professionals or those needing heavy-duty equipment may opt for the powerful Stihl KM 111 R Kombi or the Stihl KM 131 R.

The Combi Attachments

With 16 different Combi attachments, the Stihl Combi Set can tackle various tasks. Shaft extensions can be combined with other tools to increase your reach, making it easier to access hard-to-reach areas. Lawn care attachments include a nylon rope strimmer, a grass blade, and an edge trimmer. Clearing brush and debris is simple with the BG-KM Blower attachment, which efficiently removes leaves and other debris from your outdoor space. The KB-KM Bristle Brush sweeps up mud, dirt, leaves, and other debris, keeping your yard tidy and well-maintained. For hedge maintenance, the HT-KM Pole Saw attachment can be used to trim higher branches, while the HL-KM Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer makes quick work of tall hedges.

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