The Stihl BR 800: Maximum Power and Comfort

The Stihl BR 800: Maximum Power and Comfort

The Stihl BR 800 is arguably the most formidable backpack blower on the market. In addition to exceptional power, the ‘800 uses a cleverly designed system to make this also the most ergonomic blower. You can feel comfortable operating this leaf blower for hours on end. For this reason, it’s perfect for local authorities, landscapers, and contractors.

The Stihl BR 800’s Unrivalled Blowing Force

With an astounding blowing force of 41 N, the Stihl BR 800 outperforms its predecessor, the BR 700 (35 N), making it the ultimate tool for clearing stubborn, heavy, wet leaves during the Autumn and Winter months. Its remarkable power-to-weight ratio ensures effortless operation. The ergonomic carrying system – including an S-shaped shoulder strap, chest strap, and hip belt – allows you to work in comfort throughout the day. The blower tube is exceptionally light with an ergonomic handle for effortless handling,

Effortless Starting and Stopping

One of the qualms people have with backpack blowers is that you must remove the harness to restart it. For example, if someone wants to speak with you, you typically remove the entire harness, turn it off, communicate, get it started back up again and then re-attach it. The BR 800 can be stopped instantly using the switch on the handle. There’s no awkward moment while you try to unharness and shut the machine off, you can just start speaking without the need to remove the blower. Re-starting the Stihl BR 800 is a breeze with the side start pull cord. When taking a break from work, the blower can be quickly restarted with a pull of the cord.

Added Perks

The Stihl BR 800’s 4-MIX engine delivers lower fuel consumption and increased run time, allowing you to work longer and more efficiently. You can adjust the blower tube length and handle position quickly without tools. The blower tube is easy to swivel and has a wide blowing range, which reduces strain during operation.

Mostly Good Vibrations

One problem petrol-powered blowers have, which electric blowers don’t, are vibrations. One of the advantages of a backpack blower is that it reduces engine vibrations in an outstretched arm that’s under load, which can cause chronic discomfort and numbness for operators. The vibrations stay mostly in the backpack, and Stihl’s Anti-vibration System minimises those vibrations. The result is that you can work for hours on end with minimal disruptions.

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