The Right Strimmer for the Job

The Right Strimmer for the Job

Having the right strimmer for the job at hand can make a massive amount of difference. Not all strimmers are made equal. We’ll go over a few options available so you can quickly decide what kind of garden strimmer you need.

Is it a small area with lighter growth?

If you use the strimmer in a domestic setting with a relatively small area to cut, you may want to consider an electric strimmer. These are extremely lightweight, comfortable to use and have significantly less fatigue and muscle pain as a result. A good option for domestic users is the Stihl FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer. This strimmer comes with a built-in battery with a 20-minute usage from every charge. This is perfect for the occasional clean-up in little pockets and corners of your yard.

Is it a larger area / does it have thicker growth?

When it comes to larger areas, while you could use an electric strimmer, you will need a model with replaceable batteries so you can swap them out and continue working. However, a two-stroke petrol-powered engine has much power in it as well as greater longevity before you need to refill. This makes it a much more effective and efficient tool for larger areas or areas with very thick growth, such as brambles. Stihl’s entry-level FS 38 Strimmer is a great choice for smaller areas for domestic users. It is relatively light and suitable for shorter working periods.

The Right Strimmer for the Job

If you will need to work for sustained periods, it’s best to consider a professional-level machine such as the Stihl FS 560 C-EM Brushcutter. This strimmer comes with unmatched power. With very low vibration levels, you can sustain work with less discomfort, such as numbness or tingling, which can occur with a high vibration model. It is also well balanced with an ergonomic handle to reduce fatigue and muscle pain. The centre of balance is placed near to your own so that instead of using your muscles, you can use your skeleton to do most of the heavy lifting! Stihl is the best for producing a range of different products to suit different area sizes, so be sure to check out the full list of strimmers to see which is best for your situation.

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