The Most Powerful Backpack Leaf Blower?

The Most Powerful Backpack Leaf Blower?

The BR 800, STIHL’s backpack leaf blower, is one of the most powerful backpack leaf blower on the market. We have a large range of leaf blowers, but most of them are Stihl. Stihl has a long-standing reputation for its high-quality products, and the BR 800 is a testament to the brand. If you’re a landscaper or working on larger yards, a high-powered, high-capacity leaf blower can increase your efficiency and reduce fatigue and risk of injury thanks to its ergonomic design. Most leaf blowers are handheld, which puts the entire weight of the engine on your arm and shoulder. This can cause pain and strain if performed for longer periods of time, such as for professionals. A backpack leaf blower redistributes the weight off the arms and onto your skeletal structure. The result is work can feel comfortable for hours on end.

The Most Powerful Backpack Leaf Blower: The BR800

The BR800 has a blowing force of 41 N, a step up from the BR 700‘s (another powerhouse) 35 N. The result is that you can shift heavier, damper leaves with ease. The BR 800 balances an excellent power-to-weight ratio with an ergonomic carrying system. It has an S-shaped shoulder strap, chest strap, and hip belt. This all helps to keep the weight in your centre of gravity, reducing the risk of strain or fatigue. Stihl’s 4-MIX engine also provides lower fuel consumption rates. Compared with other models, you get longer run times without the need to refuel.

Handling and Convenience

While nothing beats the lightness of a handheld electric leaf blower, they simply aren’t up to the larger professional tasks. The BR 800 has a lightweight, strain-reducing blower tube that’s easy to handle. It has a simple side-start pull cord and an off switch on the handle means you can quickly pause the action if you need to, and quickly re-start the machine without having to take it off. The BR 800 has an anti-vibration feature. Vibration fatigue is a real concern for professional landscapers and contractors who work with power tools for hours at a time. By reducing the vibration felt on your back, this machine lets you work longer without the discomfort that might come from other, less considerate designs. The blower tube (the bit you hold in your arm) is lightweight to lessen strain, making the job easier and also quicker.

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