The Best Property Saw

The Best Property Saw

What’s the best property saw for domestic tasks? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been working with landscapers and arborists for decades. Working with the professionals, finding out what works, and testing things ourselves, we quickly became satisfied with Stihl. Their chainsaws are hands down some of the best bits of machinery you’ll find anywhere. They have fantastic engineering, fantastic durability and reliability. And they come in all shapes and sizes to suit different people, different situations, different requirements. So on that, which are the best Stihl chainsaws for domestic use? Let’s take a gander at a few of the options available to you.

The Best Property Saw on Budget

If you don’t have much cutting to do around your property, perhaps to maintain a wooded area or to cut wood for a furnace, then it’s always good to start by considering the entry-level option. The MS 170 is Stihl’s entry-level domestic saw. It comes as either a 12″ or 14″ blade. These are the smallest lengths, so bear that in mind to ensure you have adequate size for the job at hand. If it suits, then the 170 is a great option.

The best property saw: best value For heavier work

Going more into the mid-range, you have the MS 211. You start with a 14″ blade and also a 16″ blade option. The MS 211 is designed to work for longer periods with fewer interruptions. Stihl designed it to reduce vibrations for easier handling over long periods. And it features a pre-separation air filtration system. What this does is extend the cleaning life of your air filter, meaning that you have less maintenance to worry about.

The higher-end home option

The Stihl MS 251 comes with 16″ and 18″ bar length options. This gives you a lot more versatility in terms of the work you can perform with this machine. From cutting your firewood to preparing timber for your DIY projects or more, the MS 251 is a great machine. It’s a bit heavier than other models coming in at almost a kilogram heavier (4.8kgs). But it packs more punch. With the 251, you get the STIHL 2-Mix technology which reduces fuel consumption by 20% compared with other Stihl 2-stroke engines. So the result is fewer interruptions for refuelling. This is ideal when you’re there to get a job done.

When using a chainsaw, ensure you’re wearing proper PPE at all times. These machines should always be treated with respect. If you have any questions bout our range you can give us a call on 021 4965 132