The Best Electric Garden Tools

The Best Electric Garden Tools

We’ve been stocking electric garden tools since they first started making headway with the advent of newer, better battery technology. At the forefront of this new wave of lightweight, easy to use tools has been Stihl. These guys know how to build a great power tool, and they certainly know how to make a great battery-powered garden tool.

Stihl the Best Electric Garden Tools

One of the reasons why Stihl manages to keep front and centre for many of us is that once you have one set of tools, you have interoperability among many different other pieces of equipment. For example, most of them share the same power packs and chargers. So when you have a solid brand with great products, it just makes sense to stick with them and keep things simple.

Electric Garden Mowers

Stihl has a great range of cordless electric mowers. These are fantastic for smaller urban lawns. For example, the Stihl RMA 339 15″ is lightweight compared to the typical mower. Without all the clunk of a heavy two-stroke petrol engine, the entire mower weighs 14 kilograms. This can be handled with comparative ease, making it ideal for people with reduced mobility who enjoy outdoor garden work.

Electric Strimmers

Strimmers are also great as an electric alternative. Without a heavy two-stroke engine, you have a far lighter load on your shoulder. Strimmers are notorious for the way they can unevenly distribute weight to one side. This leads to all sorts of shoulder and back pain. An electric strimmer such as the Stihl FSA R weighs a relatively minuscule 3.3kg. When adequately distributed on your body, it’s a much more comfortable operation. It is compatible with the AK Battery system meaning that you can choose the battery size depending on your job size.

Is electric for everyone?

Electric is ideal for the smaller jobs. For example, if you have a smaller domestic garden or yard that needs less intensive maintenance. This is mainly because batteries do have less runtime compared with petroleum engines. However, if you have a smaller to medium-sized are to contend with, and it’s usually lighter maintenance work, you’ll love electric.

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