Summer Garden Machinery

Summer Garden Machinery

As we head into the warmer months, what is the best summer garden machinery? Things are starting to grow, and soon there will be an explosion of growth. But, to tackle it, we need to keep things under control.


Every year is a battle to keep everything under control, and one of the best tools to help you with this is a good strimmer. One of the most surprising things about gardening is how rapidly briars, nettles, and weeds can grow. Within a matter of weeks, they can block off pathways and throttle the life out of your flowers and plants. For the best in its class, the Stihl FS 56 C-E packs a powerful punch. With a lightweight petrol engine and ergonomic handling, it’s built with comfort as a priority. If you have a large yard or landscaping work, then the 56 C-E is the best choice.

Summer Garden Machinery: Shredding

If you have a large yard or garden, you may also have a severe amount of wood growth each year. Being able to shred that growth at home is a great advantage for keeping things under control and serving as your fertilizer and mulch. Stihl’s range of shredders is perfect for anything from a smaller yard to a landscaping company. Electric shredders will do the job for most people, with the top-end GHE 355 being able to chew through substantial wood growth. It can manage wood up to 35mm thick. However, if you need to heaviest hitter available, the choice is a fossil fuel engine. The Stihl GH 460C can handle wood thickness of up to 75mm, which is more than double that of the best electric and should help you get through all but the thickest of growth.


Once you’ve got the more challenging jobs out of the way, you can focus on tidying things up with a hedgetrimmer. If you have hedging, you’ll want to keep it under control. Regular manual hedge clippers are perfect for smaller growth, but once you start looking at larger-sized areas, it can become time-consuming and, for many, very uncomfortable as it can put a strain on the wrists. The Stihl HS 82T does a terrific job for most people and most situations; with a 60-75cm blade length, it can make light work of thick hedging.

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