We're Still With Stihl

We're Still With Stihl

We’ve been carrying Stihl products for our customers for years now. And there’s a reason for that. They provide the best quality products on the market. Very often, they a range of products to suit every kind of consumer. They offer a fantastic range. Stihl graduates their products based on how much you’ll need to use them. So you never pay more than you need to get your job done. They’ve got a massive following because of the quality of their products. You don’t see many other garden and forest equipment providers with their range of merchandise! But for sure, there is such as thing as Stihl Toys.

Still With Stihl: Garden Equipment

We’ve spoken in the past about Stihl’s range of Garden Gadgets. Their iMow is still an excellent robot mower. Every year they improve with new features and battery capabilities. They’re also responsible for a handy electric sweeper, a great all-rounder for all kinds of heavy-duty cleaning jobs. And anyone who has had to clear a large warehouse will know is a godsend. But, of course, no cleaning job is done without a solid yard hose. And Stihl’s range packs a great punch without blowing a hole in your wallet.

Stihl’s battery-powered tools are already making a dent in the domestic market. As with any battery-powered machinery, you are dependent on how much juice you get and how much juice you need. We’ve written about how to improve your battery efficiency with these tips. Stihl also provides a great range of different battery sizes and a fantastic battery backpack setup which enables you to work away for hours on end with your electric equipment. The advantage is that it dramatically reduces the vibrations and noise that we typically associate with power tools in the garden. And while the backpack isn’t light because it’s distributed on your back with a handy waist harness, you don’t feel it. And because of the lightweight electric tools, your arms feel much more comfortable at the end of a solid day’s work. When you need to get the job done, Stihl is always a good option to consider.

If you have any questions about our range of Stihl equipment, you can always give us a call on 021 4965 132