Stihl's Electric Sweeper

Stihl's Electric Sweeper

Stihl’s Electric Sweeper, the KGA 770, may be pricey, but it’s potentially one of the best battery powered machines you can get for large areas. Whether it’s a warehouse, a school, or a petrol station, the KGA 770 makes light work of the task at hand and helps you free up time for other tasks.

A Regular Broom Wastes Time

With a large industrial-sized broom, you may be able to collect loose rubbish from the floors, but it’s time-consuming. You’ll need to constantly stop to pick up larger pieces of rubbish or go back to an area you’ve already passed over. They also do a poor job of collecting dust and dirt. They may handle larger pieces of debris, but even then, heavy objects like bottles and cans must be picked up manually. The result, when you have a large space to clean, is double or triple the amount of time spent on each pass. When you must have someone do this job each day, the work hours quickly add up.

Stihl’s Electric Sweeper

The KGA 770 is excellent for your workplace, a warehouse, or anywhere with a large surface area. It’s effortless to use, with a large cleaning surface to get the job done no matter how large the area. Each battery will last for over three hours on a single charge when used with the AP 300 battery (estimate running time is officially 210 minutes).

Using two large circular sweepers on the front, these large brushes will scoop everything from dust, dirt, leaves, empty cans and paper towards the main brush roller. This then lifts the rubbish into the fifty-litre waste container.


With a regular broom, you’re often just scattering dust from one place to another, with a moment where it’s temporarily airborne. And with larger surface areas, such as in a warehouse, you’re not always going to have time to vacuum. This is where the KGA 770’s air filter sets it apart. These air filters (there are two inside) will reduce the amount of dust that’s merely scattered and do a good job of collecting it so that you can throw it out. The filters are easily removed for washing.

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