The Stihl RMA 765 V 25″ Lawnmower

The Stihl RMA 765 V 25″ Lawnmower

Investing in a high-end mower is a no-brainer if you’re a professional or someone dealing with a large yard, and in this case, the Stihl RMA 765 is an excellent machine to consider. Stihl mowers don’t cut corners! The RMA 765 V’s cordless operation not only leaves your lawn looking immaculate but also allows for quiet and efficient performance. You can view our entire range of lawnmowers or read on for a more detailed overview of one of Stihl’s newest machines.


The RMA 765 V is an unusual-looking mower owing to its design built for control and ease of use. Manoeuvring the mower is a breeze due to the swivelling front wheels, giving some of the control of a ZTL tractor mower but with the accessibility of a push mower. It has electric vario self-propulsion so you can adjust your mowing speed to your liking.

The Stihl RMA 765: Bring on the Battery

While the days of the petrol-powered mower are far from over, new technology means they’re no longer the go-to by default for grounds maintenance. The RMA 765 V battery-powered mower runs on lithium-ion batteries, and while in the past this would have been a negative for anyone doing serious work, the 765 V has just the right amount of oomph to drive its 2-blades. As an added bonus, it runs a bit more silently keeping your eardrums happier (though you’ll still need ear protection). If you choose the AR 2000 L for 2050 m² of coverage or the dual AP 300 S batteries, you’ll be able to cover substantial ground before needing a recharge.

Cutting Width

With a good cutting width of 63 cm, the RMA 765 V can get plenty done in one pass – even with varied terrain. With large decks comes a lot of material, and you can opt for the 80-litre grass catcher. And, depending on your aims, the mower can be fitted with a mulching kit, where the fine grass particles will be evenly mulched back onto the turf to enrich your lawn with nutrients.

The RMA 765’s Eco Mode

Lithium-ion tech has improved leaps and bounds, but it’s still not on par with fossil fuels. With battery power, we need to think more about efficiency. If you have large tasks that perhaps has more space to cover but less cutting to do, then you’ll appreciate the built-in eco mode. The mower can adjust its motor speed based on the power you need at the moment for the density you’re dealing with.

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