Stihl Power Hose: The RE 110

Stihl Power Hose: The RE 110

A Stihl Power Hose is one of the best you can get on the market, and the RE 110 is an excellent mid-level washer than can get the job done for most domestic tasks. We offer free delivery in Ireland when you purchase online from Douglas Forest and Garden if you want to view our full range of pressure washers.

The RE 110 Stihl Power Hose

The RE 110 is a nice choice for those who are between two ends of the use spectrum. On one end is the entry-level models for those who will use their power washer very occasionally, and on the upper-end is a professional level machine built to be used day in and day out. The RE 110 is designed for someone who perhaps washes their car regularly, likes to use the washer to clean their windows and driveway regularly, or has decking or a patio area that needs some regular cleaning.

The RE 110 has lots of extra attachments, and features such as a cleaning agent spray set that allows you to soap and wax your car, or use it to get a good clean on your windows. The jet nozzle has multiple pressure and spray settings so you can get a lighter spread without risking damage to your equipment or property. It can also be contracted into a tight, powerful jet which can pull dirt and more pernicious stains and issues from most surfaces.

It’s also built to be easily stored, with a telescopic handle that folds away and can be stored away on the side. The cables and nozzle can also be neatly stored away when the machine is not in use.

Pressure Washing with the RE 143

We’ve spoken in the past about how good Stihl are for pressure washing. In that post, we touched on the higher-end model, the Stihl RE 143, which is best suited for power users. The thing that makes the 143 stands out is its ceramic coated pump pistons. These are designed to reduce friction, allowing them to work away for longer periods with far less wear and tear than you’ll get with the regular pistons, which will heat up and chip away when used for long periods of time.

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