STIHL HSA66 Hedgetrimmer Review

STIHL HSA66 Hedgetrimmer Review

STIHL HSA66 HedgetrimmerThe STIHL HSA66 hedgetrimmer is a cordless electric trimmer that weighs just 3.1 kg. It delivers great performance even when asked to do the toughest of jobs.

As mentioned before the STIHL HSA66 Hedgetrimmer is incredibly light. This low weight combined with its ergonomic loop handle ensures that the machine is comfortable to use for long periods and in any cutting direction. The two handed design of this hedgetrimmer means that it can be easily started simply by activating the switch on the loop handle and the rear handle at the same time.

The cutting speed of the HSA66 is changeable the entire time it’s in use via the rear control. This ensures a precise and clean cut and energy savings when you are working for an extended period of time.

The blade of the STIHL HSA66 has an innovatively designed shape that catches branches and pulls and holds them to the blade for exceptional cutting. The angle of the blade is set at 34° to deliver potent power and an aggressive cutting action. This Hedgetrimmer also comes with a blade tip protector as standard which makes it easier to use close to the ground and along walls while keeping the blade itself well protected.

The HSA66 hedgetrimmer also comes with one of STIHL’s energy efficient EC motors which means that it can run for a very impressive amount of time before recharging is necessary. This electronic motor is brushless meaning that it’s not just efficient but also virtually wear free meaning that it can last for a long time without losing any power or efficiency.

The design of the STIHL HSA66 Hedgetrimmer is carefully thought out for both convenience and functionality. The engine housing is contoured and smooth to avoid branches getting stuck on it and to make it easier to clean. While the rear handle has been designed as a hanging eye to make it simple to store while not taking up much space.

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Weight 1) 3,1 kg
Sound pressure level 2) 83 dB(A)
Sound pressure level 3) 83 dB(A)
Sound power level 3) 94 dB(A)
Recommended battery AP 115
Vibration level left/right 4) 3,7/2,3 m/s²
Total length 103 cm
Tooth spacing 30 mm
Bar length 50 cm
Battery technology Lithium-Ion PRO
Stroke weight 3.000 1/min
Battery running time AP 100 5) up to 60 min
Battery running time AP 120 5) up to 90 min
Battery running time AP 300 5) up to 180 min
Battery running time AP 200 5) up to 120 min
Battery running time AR 3000 5) up to 800 min
Battery running time AR 900 5) up to 660 min