Stihl Garden Tillers

Stihl Garden Tillers

Stihl Garden Tillers are excellent for breaking up heavily compacted soil and turning it into a broken up, loose and aerated soil that is suitable for planting. We currently have two tillers available with free delivery in Ireland. The MH 445 R and the 585. Let’s compare the two, so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

The Stihl MH 445 R

The MH 445 R is a compact design best suited for working in smaller areas. We’re a long way away from tillers being on the list of electric garden tools. Tilling requires power, and for this, the 445 uses the Briggs & Stratton engine and has a working width of .45 x .6 metres. It has a Hoe set diameter of .3m and a .8 litre tank capacity. It weighs 37kg, and because of its more compact size and centre of gravity, it’s easy to get around smaller areas which may have obstacles. Both tillers have transport wheels. When you need to use them, you simply lean the machine back onto the transport wheels.

Stihl Garden Tillers: The MH 585

The Stihl MH 585 is better suited too medium-to-large-sized plots of land or garden areas. It has the more powerful Kohler four-stroke engine. It will quickly help you prepare new plant and flower beds or plots, and preparing for planting vegetables or spreading. The 585 features a much wider working area of .85c x .85 metres compared to the 445 R’s .45 x .6 metres, so you’re going to get through more surface area faster. To accommodate this, it also features a much larger tank which can hold 1.4 litres before needing refuelling. The transport wheels are foldable so they can be taken out of the way when you’re tilling. The handlebars are also adjustable so they can be moved out of the way when you’re keeping the tiller in storage.

Shared Features

Both the 445 R and 585 have great features that make them stand out from the competition. Built into the handlebar mount is an anti-vibration system which reduces discomfort when working for longer periods and makes the machine easier to handle. Stihl engineered their tillers’ blades to burrow and break up the soil efficiently. They also feature a swivelling break spur. The spurs can swivel 180 degrees, with three different heights, allowing you to change the blade entry depth and better handle narrow passages or tight corners.

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