The Stihl Combi Set

The Stihl Combi Set

The Stihl Combi Set, more correctly known as the Stihl Kombi System, is one of the most verstale tools you can use. Whether you are a professional working in landscaping or someone who is looking to maximise storage efficiency, the Kombi System is a great option.

The Stihl Combi Set

The Kombi is a system that uses the same engine to power multiple attachments. This gives the one engine the power to work on lawns, hedge trimming, clearing brush and dry leaves, or even sweeping and scrubbing mud, wet leaves and debris from a yard.

The Kombi System starts with the engine. If you are domestic user with a small yard who will not be using the equipment day in and day out, the best option is the Stihl KM 56 RC-E. This engine packs a great punch that will get most tasks done around the home using the power of electricity. For small to medium sized spaces, the Stihl KM 94 RC-E may be the preferred option. This uses fossil fuel energy to drive its powerful motor, giving you far more power and longevity between refuels.

Professional Use

If you’re a professional or someone who requires a machine that keep up with prolonged use on a day to day basis, a more powerful machine may be a good option. The Stihl KM 111 R Kombi and the Stihl KM 131 R are both excellent choices. The 111 R offers a power output of 105 / 1.4 kW/bhp. For the same weight, the 131 R goes that extra step further with a power output of 1.4/1.9 kW/bhp.

Combi Attachments

The Combi attachments come in 16 different variations. These include two shaft extensions which can be used to increase the reach of the machines in combination with the other tools. The tools for the lalwn include a strimmer using a nylone rope or a grass blade. An edge trimmer is also available. For clearing brush and debris, the BG-KM Blower provides a leaf blowing function. The KB-KM Bristle Brush can also efficiently sweep up mud, dirt, leaves and debris from a yard. Hedging will also meet its match with the HT-KM Pole Saw attachment for those higher up spots. The HL-KM Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer will also make short work of tall hedges.

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