Stihl Battery Packs

Stihl Battery Packs

If you’re looking for battery-powered equipment, Stihl battery packs are unparalleled. Stihl caters to almost all use cases. From the occasional touch-up in the garden to professionals who will require hours of power to do the job effectively. They achieve this by producing a range of different-sized lithium-ion battery packs. Each pack will provide a fixed amount of charge. The practicality of each battery type will depend on what tool you plan to use and for how long you plan to use it. Stihl’s battery-powered garden tools also come with a table with estimates of how long each battery will last for a specific device, so you get an idea of what to expect so you can make informed decisions about which battery is right for you.

Stihl Battery Packs for Domestic Use Cases

On the lower end of the scale is the ‘compact’ AK battery range. And on the low end of this range is the Stihl AK 10 battery. This is a 36V battery which provides 54 Wh of energy. The AK 20 provides double that, at 108 Wh of energy, and the AK 30 provides 180 Wh, giving you more than triple the energy of the 10.

Pro Batteries

The ‘AL’, ‘AR’, and ‘AP’ Stihl Pro battery ranges are compatible with different tools. The most notable of the categories is the AR which provides the Stihl AR 2000 L Battery Backpack. Weighing in at 7.4 kilos, the weight is evenly distributed across your centre of mass. It has an energy capacity of 27.4 ah. This allows for a lot more energy without the added weight of a battery which is typically attached to the device in question. By distributing the weight in this fashion, you get more comfort and much more use from your power tools without frequent recharging. This can be combined with the Stihl AL 301-4 Multiple battery charger. The AR 3000 L Backpack enables even more power with a capacity of 41.2 ah.
Using this system, it is possible to recharge the AR 2000 Battery Pack in about three hours and the AP 3000 L Battery pack in about seven hours.

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