Reliable Garden and Lawn Equipment

Reliable Garden and Lawn Equipment

At the beginning of every year we take a review of our products, check the state of the industry and ask ourselves if we can do better. At the end of that we take our top picks and write a little about them. We’ve already covered a large number of areas this year. Now is a time to have a quick recap for anyone who is looking for an overview.

Reliable Garden and Lawn Equipment

When you’re working outside for any length of time beyond a rudimentary snip here and there, you’re probably going to want to consider getting the best tools for the job. Two areas that are always popular are tractor mowers and chainsaws, and we provide a range of these products for everyone from the domestic gardener to the full-time professional.

Tractor mowers

We wrote an article covering the best ride on mower for 2022. In that, we named the Stihl RT 6127 ZL 49″ as the best all-rounder. With a maximum range of 10,00 square metres, it’s not for those who have a smaller area to cover – it may just be overkill. But as a product, it’s by far the most effective, with a large 1.2 metre diameter cutting width. For smaller areas, the RT 4082 is a great option. This can handle areas of up to 4,000 metres square. It has a great turning radius and easy-to-use handling makes it a great contender for those who don’t need the best or most effective, but simply a reliable machine they can take out on those occasions when it’s needed.

Reliable Garden and Lawn Equipment: Chainsaws

For professional chainsaw users, we asked ourselves what the best chainsaw was in 2022. For professionals, the answer was the Stihl MS 881 c. With its extra long blade of 1.21 metres and incredible power, this is the machine for handling the largest cuts whether in forestry, lumber or otherwise. Is this suitable for domestic use? mostly, no. Unless you have regular tasks to perform that involve large cuts, you’re probably going to find this model is overkill. For normal domestic-based saw use a better choice is usually a smaller blade length saw such as the MS 170, which is a great piece of equipment when you’re just looking for those smaller jobs such as cutting wood for the fire, or doing some more extensive cutting and pruning around the yard. Another good alternative is the MSA 200 electric saw which has great features and better handling with its lighter configuration.

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