Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Professional Vacuum Cleaner

What’s a good professional vacuum cleaner that also works as a wet vac? The Stihl SE 122 Professional Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice for anyone who requires a high-powered machine for work. Whether it’s outdoors, around your yard or workshop, in a building or perhaps while performing renovation work, the Stihl SE 122 has the power, performance and reliability to get the job done.

Professional Vacuum Cleaner: The Stihl SE 122

With a suction flow of 3,700 litres per minute, the Stihl SE 122 can handle high capacity work, whether it’s cleaning up dirt and debris around your yard, loose wood chips around a workshop, or plaster, dust and wood shavings around a building site.

The SE 122 isn’t too heavy, weighing 12.1kg when empty. And with a thirty-litre container, you can get a lot of work done before you have to worry about changing the bag. Though of course, if you’re cleaning finer materials or dust particles this will greatly impact the weight of the machine.

The hose on the SE 122 is three metres in length, allowing for a lot of wiggle room when trying to reach those high-up places or get to the awkward areas in corners and under tables. The hose diameter is 3.6cm, which allows for excellent suction while also preventing constant jamming, an issue with narrower hoses that can slow down performance and disrupt work.

With many vacuum cleaners which purport to be professional level, you can quickly run into issues once the bag becomes half full. The pressure drops and you find yourself having to pass over the same sections multiple times, or resorting to the brush and shovel when heavier debris isn’t picked up. The suction on the SE 122 is variable, up to a max of 250 mbar, which allows for strong suction while you work, even when the bag is close to capacity.

As a Wet Vac

As a wet vac, the SE 122 does a terrific job of cleaning up. For example, a greenhouse can accumulate a lot of slime or earth over the course of time. And if it’s left uncleaned, it can be a slip hazard. The SE 122 can effectively clean up moss, water and slim, clearing the ground and keeping it clean and safe all year round. Just make sure to switch to a wet bag first!

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