Professional Battery Kits

Professional Battery Kits

Professional Battery Kits are the thing that’ll change your electric garden equipment from a ‘nice to have to a fully functional replacement for your regular old petrol-powered or plug-in range of equipment. There are many advantages to battery-powered landscaping machinary.

It has lower energy costs, not just because it’s better for the environment, but also because these machines are far more efficient in converting that energy to muscle — so you get smaller engines that can do quite a lot with less sound or weight. This is especially useful for those who are less mobile but for those working day-in and day-out on the job and need to find ways to lighten the load to get things done with more efficiency and less backache.

Stihl Professional Battery Kits

Stihl has a great range of pro battery kits. There are three main options for anyone considering heavy-duty work, with an appropriate price range to reflect the power density of the pack. So let’s take a look.

The AP 200 Li

This battery is the entry-level power pack for professionals. That doesn’t make it weak. The usage time you can expect for a battery pack depends on the equipment you’re running. Weighing in at 1.8kg, it has 227 watt-hours of energy in the cell.

The AP 300 Li

This is the next step up and is Stihl’s most powerful handheld battery. The AP 300 has a charge indicator built-in, is compatible with the AL 100, 300 and 500 chargers, and has 281 watt-hours of power per charge.

Professional Battery Kits For heavy-duty work

If you’re really going hell for leather on a touch task, you may want to consider the AR 3000 L Battery pack. While this has a significant price, you get what you pay for. The battery pack weighs in at 9.5 kilograms. This is strapped to your back and close to your centre of gravity, so it can actually make the work feel easier than when you have a larger weight attached to the equipment itself. A regular battery pack is typically held out at arm’s length from your centre of gravity. With that extra weight, you get a lot of extra power, with the capacity reaching 1,520 watt-hours—about fifteen times more energy than in the AP 200. You will need some accessories for this pack, so be sure to check you have everything before you make a purchase.

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