Accessories For Battery Powered Machinery

Accessories For Battery Powered Machinery

Stihl battery powered machinery are cordless tools that make home gardening simple and environmentally friendly. What makes these tools complete is the addition of accessories. They will make working with Stihl battery powered machinery much easier, more comfortable and ensure a better job. There is a wide range of accessories available all providing different functions. Here is our full range of Accessories For Battery Powered Machineryaccessories for battery powered machinery.

Stihl AL101 Charger

The Stihl AL 101 charger is for STIHL Lithium-ion batteries. This quick charger has an operating mode indicator and an active battery cooling feature. It will fully charge the AP 100 battery in 90 minutes, AP 200 in 165 minutes and an in 250 minutes the AP 300 battery. The AL 101 weighs 0.7kg and a power output of 0.1kw.

Stihl AL300 Quick Charger

The Stihl AL 300 for STIHL Lithium-ion batteries and has an operating mode indicator and an active battery cooling feature. It will fully charge the AP 100 battery in 50 minutes, the AP 200 battery in 55 minutes and in 75 minutes the AP 300 battery. The quick AL 101 charger weighs 1.2kg and a power output of 0.3kw.

Stihl AL500 Hi-speed Charger

The Stihl AL 500 is a hi-speed charger for the AP 180 and the AR 900 Lithium-ion batteries. It takes 30 minutes for this charger to the AP 180 battery with 100% charge and 130 minutes for the AR 900 battery to have 100%. For convenient storage, it can be wall mounted. The AL 500 weighs 1.3kg and a power output of 0.6kw.

Stihl AR2000 Backpack Battery

The Stihl AR2000 backpack battery has a high capacity perfect for longer running times. It is a sturdy housing with a base and charge level indicator consisting of six LEDs. The AR 2000 is a comfortable and ergonomic harness equipped with an integrated carry handle and a protection cover for the rain. It weighs 7.8kg, has a charge voltage of 41 volts, a capacity of 21.8ah and a battery energy of 916 Wh.

Stihl AR3000 Backpack Battery

The Stihl AR 3000 backpack battery is the highest capacity lithium-ion backpack battery for longer running times. It has a charge level indicator with six LEDs, so you will always know when to recharge the unit. The AR300 has an integrated carry handle, comfortable harness, lap belt and a central buckle. There is a connection cable with a plug and an AP adapter. It weighs 8.2kg, has a charge voltage of 41 volts, capacity of 29.3ah and 1148 Wh battery energy.

Stihl AP Carrying System

The Stihl AP carrying system is a durable belt with a battery bag for carrying STIHL AP batteries and it is ergonomically shaped. The battery will be worn on the battery belt which reduces the amount of weight in your hands when working. From the battery, energy is transferred to the tool through the flexible cable and the AP adapter.

Stihl AP Holster inc Connecting Cable

The Stihl AP holster inc connecting cable allows energy to be transferred from a STIHL AP battery to the BGA 100 tool. It can be combined with the battery belt carrying system to make work more functional.

Stihl Battery Bag

The Stihl battery bag is mainly used to carry another AP battery easily. It can also carry accessories such as safety glasses, gloves and others. The battery bag attaches to the battery belt easily.

Stihl Carry Bag for Batteries

The Stihl carry bag for batteries aid the safe transport and storage of up to 2 Stihl Lithium-ion batteries and 1 Stihl charger. This soft bag is a great accessory for making your work less strenuous.

Stihl Support Foot

The Stihl support foot protects the battery from hitting the ground. This foot avoids any damage being caused to the battery. It has an additional handle for short-term extending of the shaft for the HLA 85, HTA 85 and HTA 65 tools.

Stihl Harness for Battery Belt

The Stihl harness for battery belt is a comfortable harness for working. It is easily attached to the battery belt to make your work easier.

Stihl Carrying Strap

The Stihl carry strap makes for a more comfortable operation of the Stihl FSA 65 and Stihl FSA 85. The strap includes the attachment clip.

Stihl Catcher Plate

The Stihl catcher plate is perfect for catching and removing cuttings. This accessory has a bar length of 50 cm and can be mounted on both sides for all the HLA, HSE models, HSA 66 and the HSA 86.

Stihl Support Cushion

The Stihl support cushion is perfect for helping you with your home gardening work. It has a simple hook for retrofitting the AR 900. This accessory works well in conjunction with the harness, the BGA 85 can be attached during pauses in work.

Stihl Battery Slot Cover

The Stihl battery slot cover is perfect for covering a battery slot on a Stihl cordless machine. This slot cover protects dust and dirt from getting in during storage.

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